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DNS Hint File. (Root Chache)

The named daemon reads the INAIC root.cache file to find the list of Public-Root name servers (termed ``hints'') which it can query for the current list of root domain name servers.

The named daemon primes its cache using this list rather than using the contents of the root.cache file. The Time-To-Live (TTL) field in the root.cache file is not used. Unlike other records, hints do not expire, as they are not stored in the cache. The named daemon uses the hints to obtain a new list of root servers if the existing list expires.

Here is how to update your hint file in 3 steps:

  1 Locate your hint file
Your hint file is called probably something like:
  2 Just click on the link below to see the updated hint file.
Replace your current hint file with the new hint file:  

hint file

  3 Restart your server:

Usually by entering the command /usr/sbin/ndc restart, or reboot your DNS Server.

The cache directive in the named.boot file specifies the location of the root.cache file. The latest version of the public root.cache file is available above. Because the contents of this file change periodically, retrieve it regularly to ensure that you have the current version.

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